Saying goodbye to people is easy. To possessions – hard. You said I come first but as I don’t want you to break another promise, I push you to say goodbye. Better to be a human, not an object.  

Lucid Dreams

I’m next to you. Yet, your dishonest heart is far from mine. So I’m going to my dreams where love is more than real.


It’s quiet, simple but quite divine. Only the dogs keep barking in the night – when the Village breeze is flirting with the Moon. I creep away into the labyrinth of my childhood memories where fries, books, and aliens are sipping honey juice. I stop to say Hello to them (and nod at your empty…

Alone. Solo. Lonely. Independent.  

Seven Years

Seven years, he said. Can I survive four and a half more? His inability (it’s not You anymore) to talk is killing not only my words but my feelings (poor heart). I can’t read minds, true… Or maybe I’m not interested anymore (drink, brain). I’ll try to pretend because of her. Time is irrelevant.

You, We, Freedom

I wanted love, now all I want is freedom. Before I fall asleep I flee to hidden places where He is not You and You are an older version of Yourself. Places where I’m the one to save Us from the chains of My desires as Mine are solely the illusions of the love between Us. …


W (w-ater or tears, don’t give a f*&k) H (h-ate and love, nah, just indifference) A (a-ir full of lost hopes) T (t-alking to God… you’re leaving me speechless) E (e-ternal city, momentary love) V (v-irus in your head, no honey in my home) E (E-li is my name, no sweetheart… your name I know,…