White Strawberries

Your letters feed my soul. White strawberries and multicoloured dreams. I rest my daily battles and simply sip from your soothing platter. Peace. I think of her. Strawberries, orchids, and laughter. Her love is purer than their crystal tears, warmer than the winter sun above us. Innocence. We walk, we talk, we drink. Strawberry wine…

In My Dreams

I want you, I feel your skin, I love you over and over again – But only in my dreams. The person next to me is a nightmare, A shadow of my dreams.

Winter Love

The ice is singing under your feet. We’re ice skating with the morning sun. The snow cover is kissing thousands of  snowflakes. Your eyes are shining brighter than their white love. The air is refreshing. Your breath is warm – like droplets of laughter which I can taste in my morning coffee. The world is…

Jungle Queen

The lianas are trembling. Beside them, there are lush feelings, swinging and whispering in the air. My heart is full of anticipation, melancholy, anger, and joy. There are monkey treats for everyone. Though some of them are like apes fighting for attention, I’m quiet, sipping from your heart of joy. You feed me with laughter….


A creepy picture. Scary thoughts. Blankets cover nightmares. Fingers searching for some warmth.  

Trains, Houses, Love

I love you! He’s still selling magazines. Can you see them smoking cigarettes? The smell of seats is everywhere. I love you! The colours of the houses are dancing with the winter rain. Floors and layers. I love you! The ancient ruins are mixed with art and roses. My dreams are decorating the stage of…

Runny Nose

The car stops, we push, she wonders why. Fumes and evening scent. So, we walk, talk, and shop. Roasted chestnuts and mulled wine.