The stars are melting in the freezing night. The owls are nowhere to be seen, replaced by rushing cars and beer cans.

I’m not a star, though. I can’t shine. Yet, I’m warm… But shaking – my thoughts are keeping me awake, faster than the speed of light. Or is it the Moon? Or maybe your snoring? Or just my bladder?

Constellations of dreams. And friends, and men. And plans. And tears. All lost in the universe of real life.

Constellations of dreams turning into dust of memories… I feel lost in all the stories of aliens and black holes. (Perhaps because I feel that the people I loved had dissected my heart and sucked the light out of it, like a black hole.)

Science versus faith?!

Who cares?! I know my heart is orbiting around her. My only station in the skies of joy. 

The skies are radiating. (Well, I’m afraid she’ll lose her gravity with my ups and downs, training to become an astronaut in the solar system called adulthood.) My heart is radiating, too.

The stars are melting. The cars have stopped, those late drivers simply want to look at them.


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