Out of contro-El


A colourful palette, a mess of emotions I cannot control – feelings that are getting unbearable like the heat in beautiful Cyprus.


Sometimes these unexpected feelings divide us – like the Green line in exotic Nicosia. Barrels of questions planted by the UN of life. They are echoing around. In the Turkish bazaar of temptation: Do you really like other women? Do I love you? Why when we have it all, we feel discontent? In the Greek streets of art: How did we let technology divide people? Why do we draw lines of stereotypes? In the buffer zone of loneliness: What about age, health and survival…


I often jump from the boat of pain to my blue abyss. Just like I dived in Larnaca to look for the Zenobia wreck and kiss the Mediterranean fish. I don’t fear the depth of my soul. It’s clear no matter how far it is from sanity. I can drown but in the end, I always reach the shore of our salt lake. It’s there where I learn that – just like the flamingos that get their pink colour from the shrimp they eat – we are who we are because of the love we consume.


Out of control, El, life is just a beautiful island.


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  1. Great post Elitsa πŸ˜‡. I really enjoyed reading it !! What inspired you into blogging ?

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    1. Elitsa says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Abhijith! Glad to hear you liked it πŸ™‚

      The truth is that I had so many ideas about my blog, which as a proper Gemini, I never followed: I wanted to share some of my articles based on psychology, but then I got rid off my fb page so I decided to use the platform as a photography hub with travel tips, in the end I realised I need to express my inner thoughts combined with visuals. So I guess what inspires me is to get to know my demons better and connect with other people.

      How about you? It’s great to motivate people!

      Sending positive wishes 😊

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      1. Wow that’s so awesome Elitsa πŸ˜‡. That’s really an awesome initiative from your side 😊. Well i started my blog just to inspire and motivate people πŸ˜‡. I hope I am doing justice. Thanks for visiting my blog and I request you to stay in touch with me. I hope we can be good friends if you don’t mind πŸ˜‡

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      2. Elitsa says:

        Thank YOU, Abhijith ☺ Your ideas are so lovely and altruistic, no doubt you will inspire many readers πŸ’ž For sure, it will be a pleasure for me to stay in touch and get to know more of your positive personality 😊 Sending hugs and wishing a productive day β˜€

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      3. Thank you so much Elitsa πŸ˜‡βœ¨. Hugs and wishes to you too ❀️✨😊

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