The twins in me are confused. The air has blown away my extreme flexibility and abstract logic. Volatile Gemini!

What does it mean to have a family? Is it your parents, is it your husband or is it your children?

Anyway… Good or bad, families are to be respected and relatives are loved in a strange way.

In the end, each form of love is unique.

Today was the day when I put my partner ‘after’ my family because of his family. It’s even weird to talk about three families when we’re supposed to be one. Two languages, two cultures, many personal preferences… and probably one break up.

Because – as a Bulgarian, for me to have a family is to accept my roots. Or just like in ‘Everybody loves Raymond’, to enjoy the tragic comedy of all those long family dinners.

But when I see that his family is more ‘pampered’ than his own child, I don’t know which way to turn.

Or shall I leave again and have clouds for support instead of roots?



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