10 Ways to Enjoy Yourself on a Low Salary

If you love what you do but you feel underestimated and underpaid from time to time, then these 10 ways to enjoy yourself on a low salary are perfect for you.

True; I’ve tried them myself!


  1. Be real with yourself! Never forget about what really matters in your life. Don’t leave your dreams behind and don’t let other people control your choices. Pursue a course that excites you, fight for a cause you feel passionate about, and work your way up within the field you love. Do you want to be a writer? Then write and improve your style… and let your pen (keyboard) draw your path in life!
  2. Be realistic. Fly on your dreams but don’t forget to come down to earth as well. Don’t forget that we live in a dynamic society where it’s hard to find a job that you’ll like and that will pay off at the same time. Get to know all the disadvantages of your dream job and all the possible outcomes. If you can’t become a programmer, then choose something else related to the IT sector. Just be open to new perspectives.
  3. Work hard. If you decide to follow a dream that doesn’t provide for you, be prepared to work hard. Because let’s admit it – we need money to live. Combine part-time jobs with your desired one. Let’s say that you like physics; well, be ready to find an unpaid internship, which you’ll have to do while working night shifts in a bar, for instance. Sometimes we all should go through hard and unwanted jobs in order to find our place.
  4. Take risks. A good hit of adrenaline can be motivational. You want to open a farm; okay, it might mean no money for a lot of physical work, but why not?! It’s up to you: you are the one who can enjoy hundreds of adventures without being materialistic. Nature and love mean more than a full wallet. After all, you can grow your own food.
  5. Accept and let go. You might be a creative teacher, but sometimes you see that many jobs in the educational sector are undervalued and underpaid. It’s not fair, but… accept it! Do what you like and don’t be jealous of people who have a lot of free time doing nothing in their office or that earn a lot. Let go! And you’ll see that being happy with your life will give you more than what some people can buy with their money.
  6. Focus on the positives. If you have a job you like, but you don’t get money, try to enjoy all the other things that come with it. Nice colleagues? That’s much more valuable than money. Organise a team-building weekend, a dinner at home or just a night out. Keep in touch and make friends. If you have some issues with your boss, voice your opinion. Be honest with people and build a friendly and professional atmosphere at the same time.
  7. Build upon your environment. Make your workspace home. Decorate your office. Have flowers in your room. Have a picture of your loved ones. Make cookies for everyone.

If you decide to be a freelancer, money is not guaranteed, true! But at least you don’t have to commute to work every day. Why? Simply because your office is your home. Just don’t forget to not mix workspace with family space and always have a designated area for work. Yeah, get out of your bed!

  1. Treat yourself. Exercise every morning, that’s for free. Even 10 minutes a day are enough to make you feel fresh. Have some reading time on the train and learn new things. Also, call your friends on the way to work – they can definitely make your day better. No charges apply.
  2. Save money. Despite being on a low-salary, try to save some money. Don’t waste everything on junk food. Save to buy a bike, save to go somewhere, save to help your family. Be organised and surprise yourself how good you can be at budgeting.
  3. Smile. Unfortunately, money is important: we all need it to pay our bills or to buy clothes that make us feel comfortable and beautiful. It’s a shame that there’s a great wealth inequality and that’s why, poor or rich, we should always volunteer and help people. However, don’t forget that money can’t buy you happiness.

The romantic colours of the mild autumn and the melodic drops of the rain can be enough to make you feel good. So open your eyes for the valuable things in life and smile.



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  1. Much needed post… loved it❤

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    1. elitsastaneva says:

      Glad to hear that! 🙂 However, never lose hope – better times are yet to come. 🌞 Meanwhile, enjoy the sunshine on your skin and the laughter of your loved ones! 🌻

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      1. Yeah your right… Thank you… To you too 😊😉👍

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