Travel and Psychology: A Honeymoon in Morocco


Our world is beautiful: fresh forests, sand dunes, calm waters, snowy peaks, and much more. There are many beautiful places out there but some of the factors that make a place worth visiting are its culture, history and people.

Morocco is one of my favourite destinations. Not surprisingly, that was where our honeymoon started (with a baby in the belly). Vivid markets, colorful cities, African mountains, the Sahara desert, and some blue boats floating in the Atlantic Ocean.

But most of all, kind people. Hot tea, homemade bread and fresh juice.

So here are some simple psychological tips about traveling in a country that’s often accused of being dangerous. Leave all your prejudices behind! Of course, in big cities like Marrakesh locals we’ll treat you as a tourist trying to sell you stuff, sometimes for a high price. However, enjoy this culture of bargaining, be brave to discuss and make a deal. Sometimes tour guides will try to lead you for money but be firm – you know your way – and enjoy the beauties of Morocco. Sometimes people will look suspicious but give it a go and dive into the unknown adventures.

This is a small part of our one:





Atlas Mountains and a Journey to Sahara


Who needs Hollywood?




Ouzoud Waterfalls



Love each other is what you need when you combine travel and psychology!








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