F + feel free to decide on your projects

R – rely on earnings that fluctuate most of the time

E – even when on holiday, emails are inevitable

E + establish self-regulation

L – lunch is in front of the computer as breaks are rare

A + acknowledge Learning as a major factor

N – nothing is more important than social presentation but due to tight schedule social media is left behind (my blog is a sad example 🙂 )

C + cry from laughter when people say that work from home is not hard

I + invest in your future

N + no bosses, managers or supervisors

G – guilt that your home is intruded by work

Freelancing has ➕ and ➖ but one thing is a fact: being a freelancer is a great opportunity to make a better use of technology at home.

Anyway, starting your own business is hard and can fail. However, trying is what matters. Hard work pays off in the end. And remember that it’s worth it – you do it for your loved ones!

So… Well done and good luck, creative bloggers out there!


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