Happiness = Today

– Do you remember when we were happy?

He asked. I kept silent.

When was that? Have we felt happiness at all? What is it to be happy?

It’s all relative. Happiness, beauty, good… The only real thing is to be yourself: to follow your ideals, dreams and beliefs.

Only when you find yourself and when you’re not ashamed of your true discovery, then you can call yourself happy.

I asked myself if I was ready to do that, to follow that road searched by many but hidden for my soul. Was I ready to find my true Self? Was I ready to follow a path, searching for good ideas, fighting for freedom, creating love, and describing beliefs. Would I be strong enough to carry the laughter of people who couldn’t understand why I was looking for a better world?

Ideas can’t be found immediately. They exist in the mind… and the fairy tales. But real or not, they make people act. Because people who let the inertia of life carry them don’t live but just exist – they are rotting. Unfortunately, these are the people who laugh at the gentle warriors who want a better and safe world, these are the people who at the same time abuse the advantages of that new world they haven’t even fought for.

The everyday warriors must be our role model – they leave a piece of their madness that contains the whole and only rationality of the world. Rational craziness? Yes, because the craziest, the worst, the widest person only can see the Good in the world.

For me, happiness was in the past, I was comparing everything to my memories. I was happy there, I though I was. Maybe I looked weird indulging so much in the past and reflecting on life quietly.

But hey, wait a minute! I must go on, I must continue looking for a better future and enjoying life Now.

Finally I uttered:

– Yes, I remember when I was happy. How could I forget?

I am happy now.

I smiled.

(One of my teen opinion essays/short stories)


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