How Volunteering Can Help YOU

Did you think that volunteering was only about helping others? Think twice… because volunteering can broaden your horizons and turn your life upside down.

If you are a student, professional, traveller or retired, volunteering is a perfect opportunity for you to change the world, including your own life.

There are always things we believe in and volunteering is a wonderful way to fulfil our priceless dreams. There are many charities that can help you find your purpose. If you want to be a counseller, teach kids after school – become a role model. If you love sports, be involved in the Olympics and the Paralympic games. Or if you love arts, help people with physical problems and create new artsy items that they can use to raise money or just decorate their community centre.

However, it’s not only the cause that makes volunteering special. Volunteering can help your own emotional life. Let’s say that you feel stressed and frustrated due to the changes in the world. There are wars, suffering, deforestation, global warming, and political madness, which makes you feel worried and helpless. Well, volunteering can actually help you change the world, and therefore, improve your own emotional and physical well-being. Support a campaign you feel passionate about or be involved in a political debate. If you just want to give back to the world, this is an excellent way to help even when you don’t have the financial opportunity to donate enough money. Just serve dinner to homeless people, distribute clothes, toys and books, or help your church organise community activities. Raise money for people with health-related issues, write and increase awareness about social problems. Also, volunteering can keep you be simply more active over the holidays. Join a local animal shelter, for example, and you’ll see that you’ll have a great work-out every day. You’ll never feel bored either, which makes volunteering perfect for retired people or people who want to figure out what to do with their lives. The best prize though is the smile you can see on someone’s face after you’ve helped them; that’s what matters and only that can make you feel good.

Volunteering is also a great way to explore the world and travel to destinations that not many have seen. The dreamy desert of Australia, the exotic jungles of America, the diverse sea life around Ireland – the world is yours. Join a conservation group and help the environment. You’ll see that being close to animals and nature can help you feel free. Also, it helps the environment because you’ll notice how your perspective will change and you’ll start recycling and educating others on global issues.

One of the best things about volunteering is that it gives you an unforgettable and unique chance to meet new people, to make friends, to learn languages and to explore cultures. All the memories you’ll build with people that have similar ideas to yours will be forever.

In addition, volunteering will broaden your horizons. It will change the way you think and it will show you that the world is one and that people shouldn’t be content with the bubble they’re living in. It will also help your career goals as it will open some paths that you’ve never wanted to follow before. You’ll be more confident because you’ll know that you are organised and reliable, which can make you a great professional. Last but not least, your experience will look good on your CV, right? What’s better than devoting your time and efforts to a cause you love?

There are a lot of emotional and environmental benefits of volunteering. It can help you change your life, which is actually the first step towards changing the world. As the great song by Michael Jackson goes, “If you want to make a change, start with the man in the mirror.”


The World Refugee Day @ Vitosha, Bulgaria


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