Oh My Sweet… Freeman Park

Oh my sweet Carolina… Probably we all have heard these lines sung beautifully by the famous musician Ryan Adams. However, only by travelling, one can feel the sweetness of the South expressed in these musical notes.
If you want to taste this sweetness, one of the best candies of the southern states is Freeman park. Situated close to the border between South and North Carolina, Freeman park is becoming a major attraction for wildlife enthusiasts and surf lovers. Its close location to the town of Carolina beach (approximately one mile north on Canal Drive) makes it family-friendly and accessible for visitors from all ages.
Only there you can enjoy a 4×4 experience on the golden sands of the endless beach, surf in the salty waters of the Atlantic Ocean or go fishing blessed by the calmer waves of Snow’s cut (part of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway).
Only for a day or for a long holiday (with affordable access passes varying between $30 for a daily pass and $150 for an annual pass), Freeman park offers what it implies in its name – freedom. Far from the pretentious hotels, one can enjoy the comfort of camping, of barbequing, of watching the mighty stars at night under the soft music of the crickets.
Freeman park is a popular destination where one can meet new people. However, the animal kingdom there is represented by more species, not only by people. The fauna and flora there is rich: fish, pelicans, crabs, seaweed; everything that makes the visit more natural, more real. That’s why visitors follow the rules and collect their litter (Freeman park is a Trash Free park), because they realize the importance of being a traveler, not only a tourist.
Freeman park, apart of being a great natural site, is a great place where one can wander among the labyrinths of nature and get closer to the southern culture of America, mocked for its country music, but which in fact is characterized by openness and curiosity.
And when leaving, one leaves not only car marks in the sand but a piece of their heart.


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