My dearest friend is gone… forever! Just yesterday she was in our restaurant. And now she’s gone.

She took the candies that used to make my day sweet and somehow strawberry-flavored. She broke the rose-colored glasses that used to make me see the snowflakes as shiny ghosts, not ice droplets. She stole the hearing aid that used to transform the annoying noises in a symphony. She tore apart the warm hand that used to hold me, just for the sake of balance, and gave my a prosthetic limb.

My friend is gone. I think that I saw her leaving; there is only her name that echoes in my head: Magic…

But there is more in the menu of that crowded restaurant called Reality. And actually not everything is in grey. The place is nice, even though a bit dizzy. I only hope that there are enough seats for my other friends – my Dreams. And that my Heart could pay the next bill.

But if you see this beauty, this Magic, stop her, please, and tell her that there will be always a seat reserved for her. And that on her seat her twin is waiting and slowly dying without her, her twin, this innocent and silly Love…



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