Odd Ode to the Fox


She is there. I guess that staring behind the windows doesn’t make me a pervert. I like looking at her, as I like looking at him, as I like looking at you when you’re asleep. She is always there- every morning, after 9 am. I wonder where she spends her nights.

Isn’t she cold? Maybe it’s only me who feels the cold… She is always there, and I’m frightened that her fur is getting grey and that time is not generous to us. Will she be always there? Won’t we all end up in eternity? Or is it all dust? She is always there. Always!

And she always makes me smile when I see her. I’ve always thought that our routines take away the mystery of life and bring boredom, but I guess that there’s nothing better than the sweetness of the predictable steps, like the security of falling in love with the same person day after day, closer and closer to the heart…

She is beautiful- she just spent ten minutes on her looks. And all of us spending hours and hours to make ourselves more attractive to people we even don’t know- often without a result – takes us away from our true selves, and makes me think of vanity. I prefer to hide the beauty – beauty is for nature, I can’t compete with a rainbow.

She might seem lazy. But what can she do? She just looked around, played for a while and fell asleep. It’s like she is bored of the city and she knows that even though there will be always a place for her here, she doesn’t fit. But she doesn’t fit in the wide either. Neither do I. Can you show me the way?

I guess she’ll be gone be 4 pm. I might miss her in her angelic orange flame. By 4 pm he might be still doing the dishes. By 4 pm you might be finished work. By 4pm… Who knows? So many people and so many changes – only in 5 hours. 5 hours, or 300 minutes- approximately 4500 blinks, or 4500 opportunities to open your eyes and rediscover the wonders of the world. Even behind the windows.


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