5 Ways In Which You Can Do More for The Environment

We all talk about global warming and try to re-live hippy ideals such as love for a green world and organic food, but few amongst us actually do things to help the environment. The truth is that we all can make big changes for the Earth and future generations by taking a few baby steps. So here are five simple things that can help you do more for the world we live in.

Step one: Change your daily routine. When we want to change the world, we have to start with ourselves. Everyone enjoys long showers, but the truth is that not everyone does hard enough physical work that they would be actually that dirty. Instead of just standing under the running water, have a quick but effective shower. Try to cut down on washing stuff as well. I’m not saying that you should be smelly, not at all, but for example, roll-ons can be more ozone-friendly than a spray. Also don’t wash clothes every day:

Also don’t wash clothes every day: make sure you collect all your whites so you don’t start an empty cycle with only one pair of trousers in the machine. The main point is: Don’t waste water! A cliché? Well, just the thought of all the people that don’t have any access to running water and all the children that have to walk miles to get a bit of dirty water to drink should make you think about the importance of our water on Earth. Not a cliché, but a reality. Stop the water when you brush your teeth and teach your students/kids/siblings to do the same. Try to save water when you do the washing up as well. Don’t start a dish-washer that’s half empty. And you can even try to reuse water: when you boil chicken, don’t throw the water away, but use it for a soup instead.

Step two: Don’t waste electricity either. It’s not about the Earth Hour, it’s about the planet. Try to have all electric supplies turned off when they’re not needed. This will help your budget as well. Don’t use air conditioning all the time, just open the window when you’re hot or put some warm clothes on when you’re cold. Actually, this way your chances of getting a cold in the summer are much smaller. Stop using electric machines at the gym and instead, just go jogging in the fresh air. It’s healthier, too.

Step three: Recycle. Maybe you aren’t sure if it’s actually working or if one person can make a difference, but it’s worth trying. There are around six billion people out there and if everyone tries, the change we dream of could actually happen in the end. Believe in it! Stop using too many plastic bags no matter whether they’re free or not, and don’t wrap everything in wrapping paper or foil. Reuse jars to make your own jam, to store things or just for decoration.

Step four: Travel, but travel wisely. It’s true that many people want to show off with their new car, but a new bike can be fancy as well. Cycle, walk, use public transport or share your car. It’s a fact that only one person in a car leads to traffic jams, but more importantly: it’s a fact that this makes for a boring journey. If you really want a car and can afford it, buy a hybrid car.

Step five: Change your surroundings. Grow your own vegetables, plant a tree or fertilize flowers with used coffee. Not only at home, but in your community, and try to help your neighbours as well.

Of course, the very first step to make a difference in the world is to believe that your steps matter, so by all means try these steps, but also try to believe in your power to make a difference to this beautiful planet of ours!


5 Ways In Which You Can Do More for The Environment


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  1. Saurab says:

    A simple, but effective list 🙂


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