Motivation Creates the Winner’s Mind: There Are Passions Written on Your Heart

Do you feel drained? Like a splashing fountain without water? Well, maybe it’s time for you to take a sip of motivation. Come on: pour some in your coffee!

The truth is that motivation keeps us all going: like the caffeine in our coffee that helps us wake up. Motivation can be described as the desire to do and accomplish. From organizing a birthday party to planning a normal day at work, motivation is all we have. It’s that invisible construct of our behavior that shapes our lives in visible ways.

However, just like our emotions, motivation comes and goes – like a rainbow after rain. Do you think that after being fired for lack of imagination (believe it or not!), Walt Disney was happy? I doubt it. But he kept trying under the weather and succeeded, making mice much more adorable in people’s eyes. So don’t expect to be motivated all the time. Fluctuations are normal: don’t force yourself to be energetic 24/7. Just accept this constant change and learn more about your source of motivation that can explode in multicolored bubbles of success.

Motivation can be extrinsic and intrinsic, psychologists claim; in other ways, your behavior can be driven by external or internal rewards. You see it at work. Sometimes money and safe environment encourage you to work more, sometimes social events and colleagues help you feel at home, and sometimes there’s something more that drives you up to the top. Your inner voice and your sacred dreams, your desire to learn and work satisfaction: all that comes from the inside of your soul. You can’t control outside factors, but you can control your own mind. Actually, this unique opportunity to control your own life is what makes intrinsic motivation much more difficult to keep. Simply because it relies on us only and it’s our responsibility. Don’t forget that Beethoven couldn’t do anything about his deafness, but he kept composing music that changed our history!

If you’re ready to taste your own success triggered by your self motivation, believe in yourself. Remember that motivation creates the mind of a winner. First of all, control your expectations. Let’s say you want to start a business. Well, don’t expect that you’ll become a millionaire, but work hard instead. Also, pull your own strings. If you want to become a professional climber, don’t start with the difficult wall El Capitan in the majestic Yosemite Valley, but build up your exercise gradually. No matter what, always be positive and realistic and believe in you dreams. Like Bill Gates who failed numerous times – never give up on you idea because one day you’ll create your own empire of happiness.

In order to be a winner, you should be persistent and most of all, patient. Let’s say that your weight is a bit too much. Well, losing weight is not something that can happen in days… unless you have a golden fish that can make your wishes come true. Sometimes your body needs more than a year to change, so instead of planning ahead – break your big goal into mini goals. If your big goal is to lose weight, this can be visualized as: to start training, to be healthy and to exercise every day. Be aware of your goals and track your progress (on a list, in a journal or with a photo album). When you know that motivation comes and goes and when you are aware of all the patience required, be prepared for the devil in your head that will be whispering to give up. Can you imagine that Charlie Chaplin was rejected by Hollywood many times? Well, he was, and his devil was very persistent in his misguidance. But did the legendary actor stop trying? The answer is clear. So you shouldn’t stop either.

You are a winner anyway. The simple act of getting up and noticing the magic of the sunrise means you can win in all aspects of life. Personal goals, family or career, you are successful! Don’t forget that every winner needs his or her supportive environment, so surround yourself with people that inspire you. Even Raphael needed his Muse to create. Why? Because inspiration can actually trigger motivation. Did you know that Stephen King’s wife was the person who encouraged the great writer to resubmit his first novel Carrie, giving a start to an iconic career? That’s why find people who believe in you and believe in them. Be inspired every day: from making a smoothie to campaigning for human rights.

Love your cause and pamper the passions written on your heart. There’s no difference between someone’s desire to become a doctor and someone else’s dream to be a juggler: it’s all about dreams and goals. So love yourself; love and reward yourself. A nice cup of tea after some yoga can be a great present for your aching muscles, right? Hmm, but first give yourself a break because sometimes the nice stretch in your legs can make your body numb.

To sum it up, there’s a lovely story about a woman who was complaining to her father about how miserable her life was. Her father, who was a chef, took her to their kitchen and started boiling water in three pots. He put potatoes in the first pot, eggs in the second pot and coffee beans in the third pot. His daughter was perplexed. The wise man explained something we all should remember. People react to similar circumstances in different ways: some people soften like the potatoes, other become hard like the eggs, but some individuals change the environment itself… and make coffee out of water.

So be like them. Make your own motivational coffee and drink it up!

As the educator Charles R. Swindoll says, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”


(My proposal for an e-book)




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