Who am I in their little eyes?

Still excited about the new school year, a short bio for all the little readers (an entry for the Bright Little Labs):


Hey little ones,


Wait! Don’t run away! I just wanted to tell you my name. What did you say? I look dirty and smell funny? Pew! Is that from me? Ahh, I see, well, you’re right. No, the thing is that I’m not the mud monster. I just came out of a cave. I’m a caver. Caving is my hobby; mhm, not a clean one. What’s caving? It’s a sport different than what we usually associate with sports; I mean, different than going to the gym or playing football. When you go caving, you explore the biggest treasure that exists on our planet: Nature. And you are a scientist as well, and what’s better than trying to preserve species, like bats, and ecosystems!

That’s it; come closer. Hmm, let me get this mud out of my ear because I can’t hear you well. Yay, it’s better now! What was your other question? Why do I speak this way? It’s my accent. I have a different accent because I come from a country called Bulgaria. Do you know that there are more than 180 countries in the world? That’s more than the gummy bears my granddad can eat in a day. Of course, it is beautiful there. That’s why travelling and exploring cultures is so great: because we can learn from each other. Exactly, just like your little brother and sister learn from you. Uhuh, that’s why they are so good at picking their nose- they’ve learnt it from you.

Nah, I don’t want to learn that though. What do I want to learn then? The truth is that I finished university, that school for adults you’ve heard about, in another country called Germany (you should try their sausages and I guarantee you won’t crave for fast food anymore), and I studied to become a psychologist. But, of course! I still want to learn more. I still want to know if my turtle can dance ballet because for now it’s been a wonderful rapper, spinning on its shell. No problem, I will explain what a psychologist is. Psychologists are people who help others achieve their own dreams. And no matters what path people choose- to become magicians, ticket inspectors, doctors- we all should remember that everyone in our society, the place we are living in, is important. That’s why never forget that you are an irreplaceable part of the world! So don’t get upset if someone tells you that you can’t sing as the artists on the tele because there are a million other things you can do better. Who else can make wonderful snowmen or have such a huge ant farm?

But what am I talking about? I only wanted to introduce myself.

I’m Elitsa, one of Detective Dot’s friends.


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