Why You Should Free Your Dreams & Give Freelancing @ Try

Every new beginning comes from other beginning’s end.

– Seneca

We all have dreams to live and fight for. However, we quite often feel stuck at work and somehow our routine takes these dreams away from us. But, hey, be sensible and be brave. You shouldn’t be chickening out on them. Instead of leaving your dream, leave your job. Does it sound crazy? Well isn’t being stuck in a ‘box’ for eight hours just as insane? Take risks and explore the world. Be your own boss by freeing your dreams. Be a freelancer, if you want to.

Freelancing, we’ve heard this word a lot, but what does it actually mean? It’s not only about being at home, eating cereal for dinner and watching videos on YouTube all the time. Being self-employed in our society, a society that is full of busy schedules, competition and monopolies, is not easy. Despite this, right now is the right time to get involved, because there are so many opportunities in our era marked by technology and the Internet, opportunities we should make use of. We shop online, we meet people online, we vote online… then why don’t we work online?

If you need a change, exercise your creativity, test your persistence, challenge your bravery, and become a freelancer!

I know, it’s not easy and it is risky. But what do you have to lose besides the office desk that you are tied to for numerous hours every day?

The good thing about freelancing is that it’s a huge niche, covering fields such as IT, psychology, writing, logistics and so on. You can choose anything you want. You don’t have to follow bullet points from a standard contract. You design your own.

There are some things that connect all the branches together though. The first one is your Network. You might be great, but if people don’t know you, nobody will know your greatness either. So make profiles on as many social media platforms as possible. Get to know people and let people know you. Comment on articles, take a sincere interest in people and updates, post on your Facebook or on your LinkedIn wall, and create your own page.

Be unique and stand out. There are many competitors out there, so make sure you have what to offer – and offer it right. Don’t miss deadlines, don’t overcharge and don’t wait for clients. Be active and do your own research.

It’s good to get out of your comfort zone, people say. Find your zone of comfort. Everyone who’s done freelancing knows that insecurity is stressful and that research (even registration and application) can take up to hours, which can be mentally exhausting. So find out about your limits. Staying up late is normal when you have to work, but don’t push yourself too much, freelancing, like any other business requires a lot of work. So be prepared for a lot of work, but work with pleasure. Be comfortable with yourself.

Also, have in mind that working for no money is not an exception in this field. Sometimes you have to sacrifice your time and efforts and do things for free, at least till you get to the level you are offered a good commission. Like with any start-up business, be prepared to invest without making any profit in the beginning. But think of yourself as of a volunteer who’s doing something for a cause. This cause is your Life! You’ll see that with time you won’t be looking for clients, but clients will be looking for you. How does this sound?

I’m not saying you should quit straight away and invest your money in a chocolate factory, but start using your free time to build up on your own knowledge and experience. Start slowly and you’ll reach the point when you could leave your routine and start living your own dream.

Don’t give up and don’t chicken out when you face an obstacle. Look at people like Ralph Lauren, Jan Koum (the co-founder of WhatsApp), Van Damme, Madonna – they’ve all started from zero and have become who they are.

Be like them! Be more! Be yourself!



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