“Fell in love with an alien”


When it comes to pregnancy and motherhood, you always hear stories of excessive weight, stretch marks, ripped female parts and other “presents” that you get every single day. But nobody talks about the way your little one looks and what to expect when you see that special one for the first time.

Personally, I’ve always been stunned by people who admire the looks of newborn babies; of course I’m not talking about the wonderful photos of grown babies in fancy costumes but about the real ones you see more often. Are really people in our society, people that worship fake make-up, expensive work-outs and unfashionable fashion, honest enough when they call a skinny pinkish baby with two hairs on his or her head sweet? Or is the cutting sound of the constant crying so charming? The truth is that in this case people are truthful because the little thing wrapped in smelly nappies is the sweetest thing on Earth – simply because it’s a ball of innocence, love and softness. And this will be hopefully my future story, a story that has started with me falling in love with an alien.

So, let me tell you about my encounters with the baby kind. I remember my first ultrasound. There was a cell – it wasn’t some caviar I wish I had for breakfast, it was a cell inside of my belly, whose heartbeat I could hear. I believe everyone sheds a tear and a smile when they hear that sound, like a scientist who hears a satellite radio signal, a signal warning for the invasion of some special species or the body snatchers. It’s true that life starts in water, because soon that cell transformed in a tadpole; not a hungry one because everything that went into my stomach had to go back through my mouth. And believe me or not, as someone passionate about photography, the image of that alien tadpole is my favorite ultrasound picture because the little creature there was as sweet as ice-cream, sweeter than all the ice-cream I destroyed as a predator in the following weeks (and keep eating).

This is how I fell in love with my alien, which every time I visit my doctor has a bigger head and bigger eye balls. Once my doctor even said that we were growing beautifully, words that made me laugh because I couldn’t exactly call the little one pretty, even if I was following some extraterrestrial beauty standards. I just thought that maybe Ridley Scott would like to make another film using real images of aliens. But a shorter one, please, because I can’t hold my bladder for too long!

Yesterday I saw again the skinny skeleton of my cute alien and secretly hoped that those “scary” looks came from Daddy, not me. Of course, I felt worried because the nose and the genitals couldn’t be seen, among all the guilt I carry due to a previous loss of an angel in my family and of my lower placenta that feeds my current alien, but I’m sure that baby’s beauty, from the inside and the outside, will conquer many hearts. Starting from mine. To make sure of that, I feed the Thing with ancient wisdom in the form of yoga, and classical pieces by Mozart and Vivaldi (21st century mom-to-be).

Don’t worry, I’m sure E.T. will come with peace in few months… as long as there’s ice-cream.

(My entry for Pregnant Chicken)


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