Can we learn to be free?

I’d like to state again my point of view that everyone is addicted. Why? Because addiction is not only a substance dependence, but a behavioral phenomenon, an example of which is even the children’s dependence on others or the dependent adults. That’s why the marginalization only of alcoholics and drug addicts by the society is too hypocritical…

In addition, I’d like to remind the readers about the idea behind classical conditioning and its links with associative learning, that is the process by which an element is taught through association with a separate, pre-occurring element. Therefore, let’s make connections between associative learning and addictive behavior. For example, let’s look at smoking; I would recommend, for example, the findings on nicotine addiction,explained well by Hyman (2005).

In the end, let’s not forget that when we talk about treatment we should MAKE IT CLEAR that society cannot blame or exclude people that are addicted to certain substances. What I mean is that governmental structures cannot organize a World No Tobacco Day or No Smoking Day when at the same time there is tobacco advertising running. Because in the end addicted people are marginalized but not big businesses…


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