Find the rainbow colours of your blues

Thanks, Rashina, for posting my very first entry on the Globe of Love:

If you feel that every step you take is a burden and if you always see the sky in grey, it might be time for you to spot the first signs of your depression. Tiredness, lack of appetite, mood swings and hopelessness can be warning symptoms, but don’t give yourself up to despair!

You should never think of giving up. There’s a rainbow world out there, a world full of colours, activities, people and goals to achieve. Take your pink glasses with you and come out with me!

Blue and black are colours that make our perception complete. So natural and gentle. That’s why, feeling blue is a normal part of our life, and sadness is a healthy reaction to struggles and pain. However, if our ups and downs slowly metamorphose into a constant state of emptiness, then we might be experiencing some symptoms of depression. But don’t be scared of this word – it’s a word like any other. Besides, there are many types of depression. The causes of depression can also vary – from a physical trauma to a break-up. Rates of depression are higher in women due to all the hormonal changes in their bodies: premenstrual syndrome, postpartum depression, menopause – so many to choose from. But there’s one thing in common: depression is curable and we shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help if we can’t find our rose-tinted glasses. Let’s jump out of this black hole together following a short list of easy steps.

If you feel tired all the time for no reason and if you wake up with a head pulsating and limbs as heavy as stones, then that’s a warning sign that you are in a black hole. What can help here is if you go to bed every day at the same time. If you can’t sleep, a glass of milk with honey before bed is something that can help you sleep like a baby. If you suffer from insomnia, use your time at night and don’t stay in bed tormented by the negative thoughts and fears that don’t let you sleep. Do something – read a book, play with your pet (don’t wake it up if it’s asleep though), play some music (try not to wake your neighbours either!).

Let some fresh air in your room and keep technology away from your bed. Facebook can wait. In the morning, get up no matter how tired you are. Don’t give up, get up! Don’t be frightened of the day ahead of you, do some exercises or yoga and take a chilly shower. Look at the mirror and tell yourself how gorgeous you are. Because you are! Then you’ll start seeing more colours to your blues.

If you’ve lost appetite or you stuff your mouth with chocolate, the “food of gods”, then this might be another sign of depression. But don’t be blue, be green: try to eat healthy food. The best thing you could do is cook for yourself. Another thing is to grow your own spices at home. For example, parsley is easy to plant and a medium pot on your balcony will be enough to keep your salads tasty for the summer. Besides, there’s nothing more magical than seeing a new life in front of you!

In case you don’t find anything worthwhile or interesting or you isolate yourself with a can of beer, just go out! Don’t hide! Start walking and you’ll see the whole spectrum of the light that shines blissfully around you. There are so many places to visit, so many things to learn and so many people to meet. Go to a museum, read a book, help the old neighbour across the street. Help your family, teach and hug your younger siblings. Talk to friends and laugh over the silliest moments and memories. Laugh more, create new memories, and be yourself. Be your very own prism that reflects and bounces out beautiful colours!

Still feeling desperate and hopeless? If needed, don’t be ashamed to get help. If you are reluctant to do this and you think you can’t fight the blues yourself, understand that you’re not alone out there: there are people that will listen to you. Don’t forget that many famous people have suffered from depression and weren’t ashamed to admit it. Freud, Lincoln, Kafka, O’Keefe, the list goes on and on. Talk, acknowledge your negative thoughts that affect your emotions and behaviour, and then let them go.

Give up on despair, but never give up on hope. Stop living in a bubble, in a tiny section of time that’s trapped in the past, unaware of the present and scared of the future. The only bubbles allowed are your own soap bubble – multicoloured like shiny oil patches on a wet road.

Love yourself. You are just perfect – like a rainbow after the rain.

In other words:

  • Be healthy and exercise

  • Write, and draw

  • Do something

  • Meet people

  • Love yourself

Now give my pink glasses back, smile and look around!


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