Forest fairy

Your eyes are ponds of wonder created in my dreams. Drops of innocence. Waves of passion. Your lips are seeds of lust playing with my feet. Petals of care. Roots of trust. Your fingers are like butterflies caressing my hair and skin. Wings of sensations. Honey and silk.  Your heart is a secret garden where…


I can overhear your fingers tapping. Can you hear my heart scream?


I’m thinking, drinking, blinking. The loves of my past. The first love letter; my first time; the very first real kiss. The one who was catching shrimp for me; the caver; the one I was dancing with in the street. The one who broke my heart and bones; my friend; the one I travelled beyond…


I’d like to think I’m in love. Falling in love. Like a bee in summer, playing with multicoloured petals. Like a raindrop in spring, dissolving in your warm drizzle. Like a winter storm, chasing sunshine and reindeer. Like a leaf in autumn, sliding on a rainbow of dreams. Falling in and out of season. I’d…

Nabataean Ticket

You attack my heart, like an eagle –  chasing a butterfly through a canyon, the Siq. You take my raw heart and chew on its dreams. I stand there, trying to shoot you – you  and your precious mind. It’s too sunny in my mind, the Treasury is high, and I drop my gun.  …

Snowy Windows

Snow. Windows (10).  I get Chinese food. Small talk. Big dreams. You give me a ride. Silence. No rings. She’s perfect, talking to her doggies. It’s still snowing.    

Give a Like

Ads, unfollows, edits, It’s seems that Life is just a click. But there’s no undo buttons – Real life is in progress… while waiting for a beep.