El is Hot

It’s hot. My tears are slowly evaporating. And forming a salty pool of pleasurable guilt. Yet, your heavy sadness is about to throw my floating heart out of our window made of fragile (already broken) dreams. She’s three now, by the way. “Big” and gracious. Why can’t we be like her – happy, curious, and…


Memories. Back. Londonish. Empty streets. Faceless strangers. Rushing tourists. Unknown bars. Dark venues. Labyrinths of streets. Same houses. Late trains. Dim hope. Lost ambitions. Funny nights. Early mornings. Weirdo views. Bears of love. Canvases of colours. Seeds of passion. Walking fish. No data. You and me. Making love. Drinking life. Writing destinies. Spying on foxes….

Learning about Life

I’m learning new (well-known) secrets every day. I’m trying to take small steps – like a crab walking sideways. Even though some might think I’m going backwards, I know I’m reaching my fuzzy goals. Yet, I’m trying to convince myself that moving all the time is not needed. Taking a break – to swim with…


The stars are melting in the freezing night. The owls are nowhere to be seen, replaced by rushing cars and beer cans. I’m not a star, though. I can’t shine. Yet, I’m warm… But shaking – my thoughts are keeping me awake, faster than the speed of light. Or is it the Moon? Or maybe…

7 Drops of 2,353 M Haiku

Free Solid Deep High Difficult Abundant Witty The drops of our love are like these seven lakes; A labyrinth of mysterious waters, a never-ending source of meandering power.  


Saying goodbye to people is easy. To possessions – hard. You said I come first but as I don’t want you to break another promise, I push you to say goodbye. Better to be a human, not an object.